Ps Clinton Phillips 28th February 2021 ()

Clinton Phillips, February 28, 2021
Part of the Discipleship series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Story of meeting Elton and Lisa. Q: Who am I reaching for Jesus Christ? 15 years later on, going from the conversation of fishing pond, introducing them to Jesus, to today - seeing the transformation that has happened.
A follower of Jesus Christ is one who will reach out to those that others won’t reach out to. God wants to use you to introduce others to Jesus.
The essence of being disciple makers is not just to turn up on Sunday, but every day letting people know that Jesus loves them. Sunday is not just “game day” anymore. God is calling us to get fuelled up on Sunday, and then go out into the world. Prayer: Equip me to do what you’ve called me to do! “Half-time huddle”. God is doing this process of transforming lives. Not just religious - God wants relationship, to engage you and I every day. An adventure.
Luke 5:8-11. Comes with a warning sign - going to take a lot more than just turning up on Sunday.
Our human nature is to follow whatever makes our life comfortable. But our heart attitude should be “our career is that God would live through every part of my life - I will follow you every day of my life. I’ll leave my comfort for uncertainty”.
Luke 14:25-33. Challenging! To follow Jesus is going to cost us - we must consider the cost! Think about being a follower of me. We make it easy to “pray the prayer”, but that’s not the end - God is calling us to die to self. We must deny our self. Give up pride, hurt, addictions. Take into account what you want to do!
Matthew - left father, family, friends, safety.
Following Jesus, he begins to restore and renew. Don’t hold back!
The fruit of the gospel is love. Love for Jesus must be supreme, greater than any other relationship. Higher priority than anything else, may cost you everything. Doesn’t give us the leeway to be horrible people. He wants to add to our life! There will be transformation, surrender the past, and live for God. Invited into higher level of relationship.


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