Ps Darren Hultgren 26th August 2012 (Jeremiah 11:1-3, Romans 3:19-20, Luke 15:1-2, Mark 3:1-6)

Darren Hultgren, August 26, 2012
Part of the Visitor Speaker series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Recap: it's all about perception. Need to come back to the word so that we reset our perceptions.
The church is dead. Story of the out of date milk.
Test it. Look around.
Jesus talking to the Pharisees: look good but smell dead.
Jesus is for us, and brings us life.
The lord is my shepherd. Gods love pursues you.
"We have the infinite in the finite."
God loves you so much that he wants to spend eternity with you!
Looking for info on the Internet is like bobbing for piranha.
Seafood analogy.
Truth is that billions of people need Christ.
The law doesn't search. Love searches. The law just judges.
The truth of the gospel is gods love for us.
What covenant are you under?
What are the idols in our lives? Eg 50" golden calf.
Multanova cameras.
The law doesn't give grace.
Christ brings grace.
Jesus changes the foundation of the law. He raises the bar on the Pharisees.
What is your gospel? Three words: God loves you.
Darren's baby daughter story.


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