Ps Ricky Nelson 18th November 2012 (Acts 2:17-18, John 17:22, Ezekiel 47:1-8)

Ricky Nelson, November 18, 2012
Part of the Visitor Speaker series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

God has a great agenda for us, our family, our church, our city.
We are here for a greater purpose, the kingdom of god.
The season of the kingdom is coming, no one can stop it.
God will use you. God has something divine for you. He doesn't want to just save you, he has something divine for you.
2012 is the year that God will start pouring out his glory.
God doesn't bless you just when you are working, but also when we are sleeping. Loving god gracious god.
We are in the end times.
Physical muscle won't make you strong, your spiritual muscle will make you strong. Come to church to yield up spiritual muscle.
Out pouring of Holy Spirit not just for pastors, but for all people.
If you are in gods agenda, there is no fear.
We need the excellent spirit of god in our lives.
God is of just giving you salvation. He is giving us glory through the work of the only spirit.
First unity
When Jesus ascended, he did it leave us alone, he gave us his spirit. This is the sign: I have given them glory so that's they may be one as we are one: unity in their lives, hear,t mind, action. Among families. Among congregations, among the churches.
The highest level of unity is because of the glory of god.
Glory in original language=doxa, means dignity. God has invested dignity in your life! You will look at people in a different way as a result.
Story of Daniel.
When we have the glory of god, he gives us a humble heart. We don't have a problem with those who have pride.
Unity is the sign of one whom have the glory of god. Not about clothes, or money, but about god. If we unite together the world will see Jesus through us.
Second work of Holy Spirit like tsunami. Ezekiel.
When you get serious with god, you go deeper.
When you go deeper it gets harder to walk.
When you can't walk anymore, then you swim and follow Him.
If you want to finish well, then just swim and follow him. Swimming against the flow is hard.
Just like growing up. A baby, grow up, dad teaches you to walk, then to school. Because He loves you.
The safest place to be is in the river because all you can do is swim and follow him.
Do not give up, but get up and get going.
You are in a dangerous area if you think that you have options. You need to be in the river and follow him.
If you are facing the giant, you are being honoured by god. David facing the giant.


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