Neil Bates 18th November 2012 (Isaiah 18:1, Philippians 4:12-13, Numbers 32:13)

Neil Bates, November 18, 2012
Part of the Journey series, preached at a Sunday Evening service

Story of Thelma the GPS
Sometimes we wait until the end of the detour before we realise that we need to trust in God.
Story of lazarus. Did he care? Yes he did, to teach a lesson to wait on God
Every delay flows from the depths of his wisdom and love. If there's a delay, we get the virtues of patience, perseverance and endurance.
Story of learner drivers.
Delay can produce trust.
Opposition can stop us, and force us to detour
Paul learned to be satisfied regardless of the environments, learned that God supplies all his needs.
Contentment is not in possessing things but to learn to have peace in God.
Be encouraged by one another while we are on this detour.
Israelites, 40 years in the desert, long detour
Only Joshua and Caleb believed God and trusted him, and they went into the promised land.
Use your past to better your future
Don't doubt God's promises - his timing is right
Detour can produce humility, patience, endurance, but above all trust in God.

Tags: Detour, Journey

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