Jodee Millman 7th April 2013 ()

Jodee Millman, April 7, 2013
Part of the Visitor Speaker series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Title: Christ in the earth
Excitement everytime I come in.
Consolidation of purpose
Good to be filled withe the presence of God; the Holy Spirit. A relationship with him.
Romans 8:29-30 (NKJV) - The plan didn't stop with Jesus. He was the first
Jeremiah 1:5 (NKJV) - Despite what any person says you were not, are not a mistake. He planned you.
Ephesians 1:3-6 (NKJV) - In God you have everything you need to be a success for him.
Verse 3 in heavenly places in Christ. Word places was added. It's not " out there". Your heaven is in Christ who is in you. Heaven is a physical place but it is also a state that is already around you. A dimension.
Ephesians 1:17-18 (NKJV) - Understand your Hope and have your spiritual eyes open.
Avoid the mind sets of men and their religious rules. The people who hated Jesus the most was the religious.
Ephesians 1:19-20 (NKJV)
Ephesians 2:5-6 (NKJV) - Where are we - sitting with Christ.
Don't have to wait for your break- through. Have it now. Open the eyes of your understanding.
The things of God have to be "Caught". You can teach/disciple but they have to capture it for themselves.
Hebrews 12:18-19 (NKJV) Religion can't stand sound doctrine. Religion wants to impose itself over relationship. Religion means ticking boxes and following routines.
Relationship means unknown and different days but gives great rewards.
Pray in tongues. It builds you up. Stay in his presence.
2 Timothy 4:3 (NKJV) This time is already here! And we (church as a whole worldwide will be accountable.) I am wrong. The Bible is right. Mould myself to what it says not water down its truth to my feelings.
Hebrews 12:22-24 (NKJV) You are part of the first born. Understand who you are!
Romans 8:16-19 (NKJV) We are heirs and due a great inheritance. Christ is coming back. Everything that Christ has is ours too. Understand who you are.
Billionaire dies and leaves his money to his children but they are estranged and don't know. Life goes on and they die. The grand kids are poor but they are actually billionaires. ...
Do we rub our Bible and ask for 3 wishes. Know who you are!
Jesus said "it is finished". What I did you can do as well. Story of walking on water... Peter took his eyes off his inheritance and looked at fear again.
Praise God that we only need a mustard seed if faith. Seen some great things but it was about me getting out of the way and letting God shine through. ...
We are more than sinners saved by grace, we are called to be saints in Christ. Know who you are!
Luke 4:18-19 (NKJV) Carry His presence into every part of your life. You are anointed/appointed.
Dead Sea - it's problem that it has no outlet. Water/life flows in and dies because it has no outlet. It's like that for some Christians.
1 John 4:17 (NKJV)
Psalms 82:1 (NKJV) God calls us mighty (not weak or poor) He judges among the gods. "God" in Hebrew is allo-heem (one of his names. )
John 10:31-34 (NKJV) Relationship with God will open you to the truth of the statement.
John 10:35-38 (NKJV) Not saying to run around all arrogant with "I'm a god!" But understand who you are. Christ is the firstborn. We are what follows.


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